Rich saw her drowning. The sight was so pitiful to behold as she painfully gasps for breath and her death was imminent. As a professional diver, he jumped into the sea which was already taking her away. After fighting through the boisterous waves, he finally reached her. Finally help has arrived, but was it really help?

On getting to the sea shores, Rich was terribly fainting. ‘I’ve done this a couple of times, but never have I felt this weak’, he thought to himself. Even though he was out of the sea, he still felt some dripping on his back. Rich came to a hard realization when he noticed that the dripping from his back wasn’t water, but blood. Blood from an injury inflicted on him by several stabs. Stabbed on his back by the same person he was trying to save from drowning. He was so engulf with trying to carry her through the raging sea that at the time, he couldn’t even noticed he had been stabbed on the back a couple of times.

At this point, he attempted reaching out for the person he just saved from drowning, thinking she would be weary. He rather got a great surprise. There she was, with a large grin on her face holding a little pen knife with blood on it, yes Rich’s blood. She then turns and walk away, not giving a second thought as to what may happen to Rich.


At a time, the help or service they were giving you meant the world to you. But now, due to new associations, opportunities, connection (new levels) you treat them like they are next to rags. Even relegating them to your past (bad past). Thanking God for taking you to a place where you don’t need them anymore. Without their help in your ‘bad past’, you probably wouldn’t have seen the ‘new levels’. You are a reflection of the story you just read.

People at some point sacrificed for your well being only for you to start treating them with contempt due to glimpse of so-called success you are experiencing. These attitude can be found in all kinds of relationships, namely; couples, employers/employees, family members, pastors/members etc.


You prefer ready- made. Men who are already made, women who are already made, church members who are already specialists at what they do and workers who are professionals. But you never ever care to find out how the ready- made becomes made. Someone somewhere has taken the pain to contribute to their making process. When that is done, you schemed all possible devise to get them to yourself, even to the detriment of your neighbors’ work and you claim you are walking in love. Your actions and attitude sponsors the proliferation of the story up.


We desperately crave for faithfulness, commitment, loyalty and truthfulness in relationships while our actions and attitude sponsors the existences of distrust, fear, insincerity, self-centeredness etc.

How will a man ever trust you when you snatched him from your best friend and you called it smartness? How will a church member believe you as a pastor when you use lie, blackmail and money to make him fight and emotional injure his previous pastor just for you to make him your member? The list is endless.

Anyone you sin with will surely sin against you and will never trust you.

Faithfulness and commitment in a relationship can never be over emphasized. Always show respect and appreciation to people who assisted you at some points, not minding if you are currently under their leadership directly or not. Don’t break the ladders that assisted in taking you up.