Influencing Positive Change

Within every young person is the latent ability to create positive impact. We help them discover, develop and maximally deploy those innate abilities


Samtabe Consult is a certified IT and Educational Consulting firm whose aim and focus is to help students develop positive value system, enhance their academic prowess, appreciate and develop IT related skills and make them relevant to current trends which will enable them thrive in our contemporary society.

Deep down the private recess of the soul of every young person is endless possibilities craving for expression. Unfortunately, not everyone will have the privilege of enjoying the vast resources of these possibilities, as many of them will have theirs truncated by several limiting factors in life.

We inspire young people to aspire for their utmost in life by stretching their hearts, minds, and hands. Greatness lies within every soul and it is possible to manifest it once the relevant information is understood and applied.

Our services

We will inspire you to aspire for your utmost in life not withstanding your current status or challenges.

Academic Prowess

Through our various programs and initiatives, we help young develop their academic prowess.

Career Development

We assist young in discovering, developing and adequately deploying their God given abilities

Computer Programming

We both teach and carry out Programming jobs, specially in building web applications

Social Capital Development

Since ones net worth is greatly influence by his net work, we help you know how to build healthy relationship

Our Books, Place your Order Now!

Information acquisition leads to transformation which invariably necessitates growth. The size of your worth depends largely on the size of your knowledge base. These books will greatly impact your life. 

Illicit sex and other sexual misconducts are fast becoming norms in our generation. Can these problem be solved? What are the possible ways out of it. Find out more from this great work.

No one’s mental capacity is ineducable. The challenge is with understanding and applying the principles that unlocks one’s mental capacity. The book is written with that in mind.

Experiencing some learning challenges? Such as reading without proper comprehension? Inability to concentrate while studying? Difficulty with retention? This book is meant for such challenges.

Clients Reviews

We have greatly benefited from Samtabe Consult. Students' self-esteem has been enormously enhanced which invariably impacts on their studies positively. I highly recommend their services to any institutions, especially those yearning for maximum results.
Mr Chukwuma
Director, QMS, ENUGU
"We noticed a decline in the productivity of our team of teachers, so we hired Samtabe Consult to train our entire team. The result afterwards has been massive. We'll keep hiring them because they deliver results!"
Mr Samson Ukwu
Proprietor, NHS
Samtabe Consult have contributed immensely to our company. Partnering with them in training our staff in capacity building, interpersonal relation, digital skills and building positive value system have always been a great experience.
Dave Kingsley

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