Faithfulness in Relationship..? Big Mistake

Faithfulness in Relationship..? Big Mistake

Most often, when people start thinking of building relationships that will possibly end in marriage, they preoccupy themselves with knowing and choosing the right person. They exact so much energy in ensuring they settled with “Mr or Mrs Right”. But have you ever wondered, with all these efforts, more person still end up with the wrong persons. This is evident in the heighten rate of divorce in our generation.

The major challenge is that, whenever people think of building relationships, they tend to focus on the secondary aspect of relationship instead of the primary. The secondary aspect is the other person, while the primary aspect is you. Every successful inter-personal relationship is premised on a healthy intra-personal. Please don’t you ever forget this.

Inter-personal relationship refers to your interaction with others, while intra-personal relationship refers to you understanding, loving and appreciating yourself while striving to be your better you.

If you must have a successful relationship, your first area of emphasis must be on you. While this is important is that everyone attract their kind. Birds of a feather flocks together. Just as how it’s totally impossible for vultures and eagles to flock together or for Lion and Lambs to pasture in thesame environment, that is how is totally impossible for a faithful person to end up with an unfaithful person, unless the faithful person decides to lower his or her guards and start cutting corners.

On the quest of securing a faithful partner, your utmost craving should first be on improving your value system. Expecting to have a kind of spouse that your lifestyle doesn’t reflect is theft. Become the type of person you intend to attract and you will naturally see those type of persons flocking around.

You need a faithful man or woman, great! The real challenge is, are you faithful? You need a caring, loving, God fearing, patient and understanding partner, nice! But then, are you one? If you were God, will you give a saints who has been faithfully serving you in sincerity to be married to someone whose manner of life clearly negates your principles?

If all through your life, you seems to always wandered into negative and abusive relationships, please carefully check yourself, those relationships may be a reflection of your person. Remember, you attract not what you wish, but who you are.

Finally, also ask yourself? Can I marry me? Check your attitude, if you were a member of the opposite sex, will you be comfortable with you? Honest assessment of your true self and the willingness to change positively is one of the bedrock of every great relationship.

My friends we need to get to work, and the work begins with the person in the mirror – YOU. In our next article I will focus on the major aspects you need to focus on in building yourself for a healthy relationship. Stay Bless.

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